How to Register

Step 1
Select “Click Here to Register” on the right. Select the All Entrants and Read and Sign the Declaration.

Step 2

Complete the User Information to create an account for your registrations. This account can be used for multiple people if 1 person is looking after multiple registrations, or if a couple wishes to register together.

Step 3

Answer the question

Step 4
This step allows you to select and add a prepacked lunch, the awards dinner and a T shirt. Please note only order for the person entering and a non competing partner. If you are going to enter a competing partner their merchandise is added when you do their entry

Step 5
This screen is where you need to add which events you want to compete in. Select “Event +” on the right hand side of the screen, followed by “+ Add Event” Select the Category and Event that you wish to enter and click “Next”.

If you wish to add multiple events, repeat the process above until you have entered all the events you wish to enter

Step 6
Your Cart will show you what you have registered for, and selecting “Pay Now” will take you to the secure payment method window for the online credit card payment. If you wish to add another  registration, click the "Add Another Registration" tab.

Once payment has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address confirming your registration details.